Real 112/113 Unlock & Jailbreak Tutorial

The most easy way to jailbreak, activate and unlock the iPhone 112 and 113 OOB:

To begin you must be sure that your iphone has bootloader 4.6 – usually if it is 113 or 112 out of the box and when you first open it it shows a cable connect to itunes.

This method works for both mac and pc’s. It is best that you have Itunes 7.5 or lower for this to work without any problems.

1. Get this archive:

2. Unzipit on a folder on your desktop

3. Power up your iphone, connect it to your computer and let itunes detects it

4.Run terminal on mac (aplications/utilities/terminal) or command promt on windows (start/run type cmd and hit enter) change folder to the one you have unziped the tool.

cd desktop

cd ziphone

5 now drag the file ziphone on mac or ziphone.exe on windows on the terminal/command prompt and add at the end of the adress -u -j -a

6 now if you are on a mac should see something like:

Macintosh:~ yourname$ /Users/yourname/Desktop/ZiPhone/ziphone -u -j -a

on windows it looks much alike.

7 Hit enter. The program will tell you to disconnect, shut down the iphone, press home button and reconnec. The iphone will enter in recovery mode.
8 The program will display “wait 2’30″” so wait 🙂

9 the iphone will reboot and you will see on the program “done”

10 inser your new sim and enjoy !!

Credits for this method goes to Zibri, Geohot and all others developers out there.

After the process you will have the software you where starting with and baseband 4.02.13_g the baseband that came with 1.1.2 OOB.

Some say that this unlock is upgrade resistant – Haven’t tried yet.


6 Responses to “Real 112/113 Unlock & Jailbreak Tutorial”

  1. Hi!
    Thanks very much for this easy tutorial!
    Actually, the only thing ZiPhone is missing is an instructions file…
    BTW, I’m going to buy a new iPhone in the States next month: assuming it won’t be updated, I guess I’ll have an OOB 1.1.3 with 4.6 bootloader, right?

    Will I be able to use it with my Italian SIM?
    And… Why do I need to jailbreak my iPhone? Is it mandatory to do everything else? I don’t want any other app, I just need to use it with my Italian SIM. Can I do it with ZiPhone?
    Do I need to jaibreak?

    Thank you VERY much!

  2. Anyone run this on a Ipod Touch yet?

  3. For step 1, did you upgrade to 1.1.3 from iTunes using a separately downloaded 1.1.3 firmware (aka, pressing the Option key)?

    I’ve been looking for confirmed instructions to upgrade OTB 1.1.1 (jb and anysim unlocked) to 1.1.3. You got what I want. Thanks.

  4. Sorry, ignore my previous post. I meant to respond to the other one.

  5. not working …it says zibri.dat could not be opened for reading

  6. despreiphone Says:

    Make sure you are in the same directory as the ziphone when you run the program.

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