How to ssh in to your iphone

You need to ssh in to you iphone for fixing problems, installing applications etc.Here is what you need to do to be able to access your  iphone: (this method should work for all iphones jailbraked  and unlocked with  ziphone or similar)NOTE: you must use the same wifi connection for both the phone and computer

 1. open installer, go to system category and install openssh

2. the most easy way to see your iphone files is to use a ftp client that supports sftp protocol – i like Cyberduck for mac and winscp for windows

3.after you downloaded your program go to the iphone  and under settings go to wifi tab and press the arrow next to your wifi network. You will see there your phone ip.

 4. open the program downloaded from the net and create a new sftp connection. at the adress enter your phone ip and at the user name use root password alpine.

5. after the connection establishes  you will see the files from your iphone.


3 Responses to “How to ssh in to your iphone”

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  2. When i go to wifi my phone asks me to choose a connection. I am using edge network settings APN Can you please help me. I cant load the ssh client from my packages.

  3. kiwiboyinoz Says:

    I am using cyberduck on my mac and I can not connect to my iphone it keeps telling me that the connection is refused any tips

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