Caller ID fix – 1.1.4

Even if the files used for 1.1.3 are still going to work, the original files in 1.1.4 are a little different so is better to use this files: phonenumber_fix_1.1.4 and follow the tutorial here


6 Responses to “Caller ID fix – 1.1.4”

  1. It worked on a phone in Ireland. So happy. Now I can answer thephone and know who it is!


  2. duhduhduh Says:

    Works great under 1.1.4! Thanks. You may want to add the following information to you list!

    // Taiwan, Province of China [tw]
    tw 886 002 0
    + + + + # #######
    + + + + # ########

  3. duhduhduh Says:

    Actually, for Taiwan, the following covers all the formats! Credit goes to kevin3688 at

    // Taiwan [tw]
    tw 886 00;40;50;70;90 0 # ########

  4. parpatel Says:

    how doi make it work for the usa? i followed the step that are given to the readme but it didnt work . can someone help me out

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