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Ziphone 2.0 – the ultimate tool

Posted in iPhone, tips&how to with tags , , , , on February 13, 2008 by despreiphone

Ziphone  work’s now with all the iphones out there and you can downgrade your bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9. Why would you want that? just because for the moment the only way you can have a fully unlocked  1.1.3 iphone is by having the bootloader 3.9.

On the other hand the pached bootloader that geohot is working on it will need the bootloader 4.6 to be uploaded on the iphone. so is a hard decision if we should go for the bootloader downgrade or just wait  for the new bootloader that will unlock the iphone for ever.

So the latest pack, available here , will have a mac version that can be used with terminal and a windows version useable by command prompt  and also a GUI one. So for windows user things are easy – just check the boxes you need and wait.

The mac users will still need to play around with the terminal. After downloading the soft (best is to put it on your desktop) change to the ziphone’ s directory as described in my previous post and drag the ziphone file on the terminal and hit enter. You should see:

ZiPhone v2.0 by Zibri.
Source code available at:

Usage: ziphone [-u] [-a] [-j] [-i imei]
                -b: Downgrade bootloader to 3.9 !
                -u: Unlock (4.6 AND 3.9 BL !)
                -a: Activate
                -j: Jailbreak
                -i: Change imei (4.6 AND 3.9 BL !)
                -v: Verbose boot (debug)
                -e: iErase BL 3.9 baseband

those are all the option available on ziphone. Choose the right options for you and use all the options at once.  just press arrow up in terminal and add the options.If you want to downgrade your bootloader use only the  -b option and after reboot you will have  an unlocked iphone.