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1.1.4 Unlocking tutorial.

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Do a restore to 1.1.4 and then download this patched Ziphone . 

 Run terminal on mac (aplications/utilities/terminal) or command promt on windows (start/run type cmd and hit enter) change folder to the one you have unziped the tool.

cd desktop

cd ziphonenow

drag the file ziphone on mac or ziphone.exe on windows on the terminal/command prompt and add at the end of the adress -j -a

now if you are on a mac should see something like:Macintosh:~ yourname$ /Users/yourname/Desktop/ZiPhone/ziphone -j -a

on windows it looks much alike.

The program will display “wait 45″” 

the iphone will reboot and you will see on the program “done”

now you have an jailbroken / activated iphone.

using installer go to iClarified category and install “unlock(1.1.4)”

Now you are done.

 Your iPhone is unlocked and working on 1.1.4